Hello everyone.

As you can see (once again) I have decided to close deejay.ca due to my lack of ability and time to moderate and find individuals to be active on the forums. As I am not a programmer by any means - there are restrictions on what the vBulletin forum system can do for the site without spending money.

We had easily over 20,000 members during the lifetime of deejay.ca and I personally enjoyed every moment of it.

So a big thanks to all of you who joined, uploaded, provided content and congrats to those who've made something of themselves in the music industry using deejay.ca as a stepping stone to becoming successful, or just joined simply to have fun.

If you have an idea for this site, or would like to be part of the future of deejay.ca, let me know. You can contact me on twitter @deejayforum

Hands Up will never die.

One day, maybe one day - we'll be back.